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Defeating Daesh (ISIS)

A colleague pointed out that, "T. E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) and the Sykes-Picot Agreement in 1916 allowed the French and British to carve up the Ottoman Empire." Syria suffers today due to this agreement. This is the KEY difference in the Middle East compared to America. Herein we will give you our strategy to defeat groups like Daesh (ISIS).

This Child Belongs to All of Us

Around 1916 with the collapse of the Ottoman empire, the region devolved into many, many tribes. Imagine the USA federal government collapsing today. There was no common core — outside religion — and even religion was divided into two sharp groups. The tribes could be named (for convenience) A, B, C, D ... etc. There was nothing in common — but the Qur'an. And, as we know today, there are 4-5 major interpretations of the Qur'an.

Now compare to America in 1776. Various groups of people came to the "new world" in waves. They were essentially tribes and settled independently. For the most part, they had nothing in common except the Christian religion.

This new world was administrated by a king from a distant shore — and inhabited by various competing native tribes. For the White Settlers to survive, they were FORCED to GROUP together. They had to battle the distant king, as well as indigenous tribes. What became 13 colonies soon became ONE nation. They now had TWO things in common — similar religious beliefs and a common desire to survive.

With the collapse of the Ottoman empire (the nation), the tribes of Arabia and other Middle Eastern lands did not face a common enemy. Much like the native tribes of America, they were in competition with each other and felt no reason to collaborate. By the time the American natives did begin to collaborate (mid-1800s), the White Settlers were too numerous and strong.

The 1916 and other agreements in the Middle East ensured local tribes would be unable to collaborate. Lines on maps divided tribes, culture and religious groups. Western administrators ensured there was sufficient spoils for proxy leaders. These leaders collaborated not with local groups but with foreign leaders and oppressed other local tribes.

And our history in the Middle East has been to play local groups against one another — divide and conquer. We arm a favored group and create a strong man. If the man became (overly) corrupt, we picked another tribe and leader. We witnessed this pattern in Iraq, Libya, and now Syria. It's the same pattern over and over.

The problem we face now is no ONE group in the region can earn the respect and loyalty of the subgroups. It's simply endless fighting. Dangerously, they have figured out how to ATTACK the Head of the Snake. In Lawrence of Arabia, the British intentionally denied the proxy leaders the BEST weapons. They kept these for themselves. Yet suicide bombers are the "poor man's weapon." One doesn't need a Stinger missile or nuclear bomb to create mass panic in an urban city. We will NEVER FORGET what 19 men can do!

We are terrorized now due to our reign of terror in the region for over 100 years. We will now pay in blood and resources. It's doubtful there is an easy solution.

This is why Daesh (ISIS) calls for the caliphate. They wish to unify the region, similar as did the Ottoman empire — similar as did the first US founders. They understand the military importance of unification. To do this, they employ two strategies: 1) they must CREATE a common enemy — non-Muslims and Muslims who oppose their call for unification — and 2) convince Muslims they are better off protected by the caliphate than the proxy leaders who are backed by foreign governments.

They attack us not to defeat us; nor because they "hate our freedom." They attack us to trick us into attacking them. When we attack them, they say, "See, we have a common enemy. These Crusaders just murdered your kid."

To defeat a group like Daesh (ISIS), we must be use SMART POWER — not brute force as did GW Bush. Their attacks cannot go unpunished. Those attacked would not stand for passive inaction. Police response is the preferred strategy — not bombs from 40,000ft or missiles from drones — too much collateral damage. Special Op Forces, as with Bin Laden, must go in and kill leaders. They must ensure collateral damage is minimal as possible.

Then the West must LOVE moderate Muslims and win Hearts & Minds. Republican action to ban and block refugees plays into the Daesh (ISIS) agenda perfectly. "The west will never accept you," they tell Muslims. "The west will never see you as anything but subhuman and violent."

We must open our doors; we must love refugee Muslims. We must show them we are not their enemy. Then groups like Daesh (ISIS) will be revealed for what they are — extremists who seek power by distorting the teachings of the Qur'an.

That's how we defeat Daesh (ISIS). Unfortunately, this solution is not permissible in our current political climate where FEAR rather than REASON reigns. Possibly after we shed much more blood citizens will be willing to listen!