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Facebook Is Racist

[9.22.16] Facebook banned me from posting to my account, communicating through Messenger, updating client business pages, wishing friends Happy Birthday, adding photos, liking or reacting to posts by friends, and commenting on dozens of other social media sites that link to Facebook for 30 days when I responded to a White male I believed expressed a "racist attitude" toward Keith Lamont Scott.

Mr. Scott is the Black man who was shot by police in Charlotte-Mecklenburg, NC on September 20th. Apparently, the high school intern who casually read and reviewed my comments did not have the grammar skills to navigate the intent of my statement or one of Facebook's predominantly White male staff members sided with the racist writer [see Facebook Is Racist and I'm Leaving].

We cannot know. Facebook offers no appeal process. Their Community Standards are applied in an "abitrary and capricious" manner. This is dangerous. Facebook can ban you anytime for any reason — there is nothing one can do. Facebook Dictators of North Korea have spoken! One is simply punished and there is nothing you can do!

The White male, Josh Bennett, had written, "And unlike you so eager to believe everyone is a victim or a racist I will take the cops word over that of a scumbag criminal any day of the week."

In response, I copied his comment (so we were clear about the context of my remarks) and added, "As neither you nor I were there, you [sic: your] RACIST attitude is glaring. Scumbag??? (referencing his comment above calling Mr. Scott a "scumbag criminal") I've had enough of your uncivil attitude! Done!"

I meant what I said. I was done discussing with him and didn't respond to him further. I did not attack him personally. I addressed ONLY his "attitude" and remarks. And, his remarks were both uncivil and racist as anyone can clearly see. Yet Facebook banned me for 30 days!

My Appeal To Facebook:
Dear Facebook,
You appear to have been confused by comments I posted yesterday and have blocked me. I quoted the uncivil comments made to me by a person I did not know. I believe you confused his words with mine and you blocked me for 30 days. This is a very harsh penalty. I am appealing and please re-consider the incident. Being able to connect with friends is important. Being able to comment during the political time is essential. I believe you didn't understand that I had quoted the other writer and how I referenced his specific comment -- in particular -- calling a dead man a "scumbag criminal."

I have detailed the issue on my website at:

The writer called Keith Lamont Scott, the Black man shot by police in Charlotte-Mecklenburg, NC, a "scumbag criminal." When I responded, I referenced his comment, "Scumbag???" and told him I've had enough of his "uncivil attitude."

I tried to include a screenshot of your notice, but your system won't allow it. Please see my webpage.

Thank you!

My Attempt To Contact Facebook:
Dear Facebook,
You have incorrectly and unfairly blocked my account. This prevents me from doing business, messaging clients and friends, and connecting with people. I understand you have to police and uphold community standards, but your initial reviewer DID NOT understand my comments. I am appealing to you and have posted the relevant information on my website at:

Please review. We all want civil and acceptable behavior. Yet you made an error in this case. Thanks!