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People of the Gun

America DOES NOT have a "gun problem." We must realize this. Americans are People of the Gun. We love guns. Guns gave us our Revolution. Guns are how the West Was Won. Gun allowed us to prevail in WWI, WWII ... we dropped two of the biggest guns ever on Japan allegedly to win that war.

Gun Worship - sometimes a sacrifice is needed

Korea, Vietnam, many more, and recenty, Iraq. Guns, guns, guns ... we have the most guns of all the people of the world; we have more gun murders than any other culture. Guns are how we solve differences.

Some of the first toys we give our kids are guns; their video games contain guns; our movies, TV shows, music are filled with guns. Americans find guns cool; we find they make us feel tough and secure. We have millions of reasons why we need guns. Americans are People of the Gun. It's impossible now to remove all the guns; it's also impossible to assess the Mental Health of any human being "tomorrow."

Americans are People of the Gun. Three cheers for America!!! And, those who live by the gun, will die by the gun.

Congratulations ... People of the Gun.